AMD Radeon GPU compute interface with open drivers

There is huge interest (partly from us) in GPGPU with open driver on Radeon GPUs, primary due to their very high raw computing performance. So we decided to help out and start an opensource (BSD license style) implementation. The aim is to write a GPGPU driver which doesn't support 3D, thus optimized fully for computing and development.

At the moment only r800 (Evergreen) is supported, we plan to add r900 support (Cayman HD69XX) as soon as we can get our hands on the hardware.

The experimental repository lives in

It's at the proof-of-the-concept stage, so very much experimental.
At the moment there is no compiler so it only works with GPU assembly codes.

It needs the very latest KMS driver, (at least linux-3.0rc2 patched with
And also libdrm. The r800_asm_disasm needs boost too.

If the kernel patch hits the mainline, and the codebase is more stable we will put out source snapshots too.